Personal Learning Journal Of Student Swinburne university


Introduction: My aim towards writing this introspective reflective report on Personal Learning Journal is to understand my achievement by working within a team to complete the assessment tasks. I will try to understand my strengths, weaknesses, achievement and issues while working in the project within a team. I will also try to understand the way this project helped me in my developing my skills and knowledge.

Personal Learning Journal Of Student Swinburne university

Personal Reflection

Firstly, I want to show the strengths and weaknesses I felt during time of completion of the project within a team. The key strengths as per my team charter which shows that I am a good team player. I can co-operate with my team members and I also helped my team members in achieving their goals within the team too. Apart from that I have also been credited with good listener tag as per the Team charter. I always tried to listen to my team members carefully and I took their valuable advices in performing the tasks of the team. Secondly, I was good in analyse the practical situations. I was also able to perform the accounting part very well.

One of the major weaknesses of mine was that I was not able to express myself during the time of presentation. This is due to nervousness and fear of facing the judge’s panel at presentation. In my opinion, I am a good team player. I understood that my effective work is how much important for the work of others within my team.

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