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First, comprehend the vast perspective of nursing studies, and while doing higher and advanced study programs, the importance depends on the topic.  

Key points:

  • The code for working ethically and legally: ANF Australian Nursing Federation
  • Procedure to Get the best CHCLEG001 assignment help in Australia

In healthcare management, the nurses are the main support system. Nursing is a broad area, from managing the distinction assignments to analyzing and taking care of patients to handling the machinery, monitoring patients’ progress, and making a proper decisions to help the doctors. Choosing your particular position in the vast nursing area is essential to a successful career.

Healthcare workers frequently face legal or ethical dilemmas since they operate in high-risk circumstances where many lives depend on their actions, judgments, and treatment. There may be circumstances that call for quick decisions with potentially dangerous ethical or legal consequences to save lives. In addition, unlike any other career, nurses must properly make decisions while following a complicated network of federal and state laws. Rapid healthcare system improvements frequently put healthcare professionals in difficult situations involving new procedures and practices for which the law and the courts may not have created laws. Nurses and other healthcare workers must work ethically and legally to reduce their ethical and legal liabilities.

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The code for working ethically and legally: ANF Australian Nursing Federation

The Australian Nurses Association is a group that distributes a compilation of the ethical standards recognized in Australia. The ANF code is a living document that evolves as the industry develops. Additionally, the resource produces different ethics and guidance for many specialties and contentious areas to help professionals act morally and legally.

Fundamental concepts of a profession exist even when laws and conditions change. “Patient-care” is the foundation of the nursing ethical code. Consequently, the following are included in a suitable patient care plan.

  • Attentiveness: In terms of ethics, nurses have to care for their coworkers and the community in addition to their patients.
  • Responsibility: Decisions made by nurses frequently have an immediate effect on people’s lives. They must think through the outcomes and ramifications of their actions in such complex situations while also tending to the patients’ and their health.
  • Competence: The career calls for high knowledge and experience. A nurse should stay current on medical advancements and follow the finest norms and practices.
  • Patient Receptivity: The point of contact that spends the most time with the patient is the nurse. Therefore, their moral obligation is to monitor the patient’s development and response to treatment. Nurses must communicate with various stakeholders and other experts about the potential need for action.
  • The nurse’s obligations under law: Nursing professionals have legal responsibilities related to licensing, federal regulations, and public expectations. One may be subject to legal action when one’s practice makes an error on the side of acceptable norms.

Legal consequences may be negligence, malpractice, or failure to follow the regulations or procedures. A nurse’s license may be suspended due to litigation or a quick licensing review. 

Typical legal and ethical issues that nurses may encounter include the following:

  • Use of social media properly at Work
  • Striking a balance between the requirement to deliver adequate and appropriate care and efficiency
  • Dealing with disputes at Work
  • Dealing with staffing or supply shortages

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Procedure to Get the best CHCLEG001 assignment help in Australia

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