The Health And Cultural Diversity Of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People Assessment – AU.

Unit Title :- The Health And Cultural Diversity Of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People
Assignment Type :- Assessment
Word Count: 1700 words +/- 10%
Value of the task: The weighting of the task is 40% of your overall grade for the semester.
Assessment task 2: Online Critical Appraisal from Course Content
The Health And Cultural Diversity Of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People Assessment – AU.


Learning Outcomes Assessed :-

Knowledge :-
K 1. Analyse the impact of different cultural perspectives and suggest how an individual’s under standings can influence engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander individuals families and communities
K 2. Investigate factors that influence cultural vulnerability and resilience and their relationship to health choices
K 3. Examine the basis of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People’s identities including cultural diversity
K 4. Explore the meaning of ‘cultural safety’ and the impact that feeling safe might have on Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People experiencing improved health outcomes

1. S 1. Analyse and critically explain historical political cultural and social influences that have led to Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People experiencing poor health
2. S 3. Investigate and explain the role of various stakeholders in Australian Indigenous Health (e.g., National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation Victorian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation State and local Aboriginal health services Co-operatives CATSINAM)
3. S 4. Analyse strategies practices and programs (including positive contributions by Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People themselves) in health care delivery and health promotion designed to work in partnership with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People to meet current health needs

Application of knowledge and skills:
A 1. Develop an understanding of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander identity including their diversity and place in contemporary Australia
A 2. Recognise the extent to which Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People continue to experience poor health and demonstrate effective ways of working towards improving this situation
A 4. Apply knowledge of different cultural understandings to how those in health care work with Indigenous individuals families and communities

Submitted as a Word Document to Turnitin
The objective of this task is to not only explore various health issues vulnerabilities and inequities for populations with differing cultural needs but also to reflect on your own learning and cultural awareness as a future healthcare provider.

A minimum of seven (7) academic references are required using APA 7 th Edition.

The Health And Cultural Diversity Of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander People Assessment – AU.


Research and evidence:
Your response should include analysis and synthesis of research.
You are required to reference a minimum of Seven (7) ACADEMIC sources e.g., textbooks Peer reviewed journal articles as well as other sources such as websites Resources should be no older than 7 years unless Government Legislations Acts or of historical significance.

Research is constantly evolving it can be updated or challenged Therefore it is important to keep our knowledge up to date.

We encourage students to read widely and use the most current research you can find. If you have a journal article that falls outside the 7-year limit ask the following:

1.Have I searched for a more recent article? Try searching using key words from the title of the reference you have.)
2.Is there nothing more recent that could replace it?
3. Does it contain important information that is relevant and have historical significance to my essay? Can I justify using an older source within my essay?
4.An example of older resources that are acceptable:

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