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Personal development, Health and Physical Education is one of the basic learning frame work in the primary curriculum. This is directly concerned in supporting and development of a student as a whole person According to Department of Health (2002), it is implemented to improve the ongoing quality of life within the community especially children under five years of age.   This includes the elements of physical activities for health and fitness that is distributed to primary schools. This covers all aspects in a child’s   wellbeing in relation to social, mental, physical and spiritual health and Assessment Australia. This helps in assignment developing a student’s knowledge, and understanding, skills and values, attitudes which will help to lead a healthy and satisfying life.  The curriculum is framed to govern, fitness, physical activity, child protection and nutrition.

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Early learning frame work.

This is developed in Assessment Australia to provide an important resource for early child hood education help. In case of preschool children or the toddlers the three most important aspects such as belonging, being, and becoming. This provides an opportunity for all the child hood educators to work on the well being , education and child safety. These covers certain focuses;

Children’s learning and well being

A form of shared language for the curriculum of early child hood;

A base of planning, assessing and promotinmg learning

Improvement in quality of early child hood settings

Cultural security for children and tyheir families

Inclusion of families and community in children’s learning.

The frame work is founded to implement thatn all children experience quality learning and teaching. This conveys the highest mode of childrens’ learning fronm birth to five years of age.

This identifies that children have a strong sewnse of identity

Children contribute to and connected to the world

Children do have a strong sense of well being

Children are confident and takes part in learning

Children do have effective modes of communications


Knowing about where and to whom you belong is an integral part of humanities assignment help existance. A child belongs first to a family, a cultural group, neighbour hood  and a wider community. This acknowledges a child’s interdependance with others on the bsis of the relation ship. Relationship is crucial from early childhood to the sense of belonging.


This recognises the significance of here and now in thechildren’s lives. This relates to the present, and knowing about themselves, building relationships with others, engaging in life’s joys, and the complexities, and meeting every day challenges. These are both preparations for present and future.


The identities, kinowlewdge, understandings, skills, capacities, relationships shapes during early childhood. This reflects the rapid changes that occur in early child hood as theyt grow and learn. This accounts for learning to participate fully and and actively in society.Thiws frme work is designed to improce communication, inspire conversation and staes a common language about childrens learning.

Personal development and physical education under five years

Every child must participate in regular physics assignment help and physical activities, they are to practice body movement and control showing the different ways the body can move by means of simple movement patterns. These include plays, dance, minor games and gymnastics. The children must have awareness and consideration of others during playing, and can practice the fundamental movement skills in terms of balance, run, vertical jump, and catch.  These are the components of an active and healthy life style, which helps in identification of the different ways to remain active both in school and home for the children (Glendinning et al. 2009, pp 256). Assignment Help Australia must learn simple movement sequences that will help in understanding of energy, awareness of the environment, relationships, timing, and the rhythm of the movements. They will learn to demonstrate fair play and cooperation among fellow students and groups. The children must participate in such physical activities that will promote enjoyment and understand the importance of all these for health and balance of life style.

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All the students must identify the personal characteristics and the changes that have occurred in their life since birth and can identify the different parts of the body.  The students must develop self control, and can express feelings and able to build a positive relationship with the fellow students. The must develop the power to interact and communicate with groups in Assignment Help Australia with different modes of play and group situations that amounts to listening, sharing and to have concerns for others when working. The effective learning under this curriculum helps in assignment students in understanding an issue and the values related to it (Richardson et al. 2009, pp 432).  This will help in communication, inter action, decision making and problem solving and thereby helps in development of a student as a whole. The program may give clear and appropriate advice on healthy and good behaviour.  The importance of skill development may start on early stages of schooling for Assignment Help Australia.

Learning in health and safety

All students must learn simple decision makings regarding health and safety. They must learn to identify medicines and other things and learn ways of storing the medicines. They are to understand safe and unsafe situations at home, on or near the roads, travelling to and from schools, or near water (Hegyvary, 2007, pp 297).  They are to learn differ ways to stay healthy and safe, and can explore choices regarding food, personal safety and sun protection. They are to identify people who can help them and also to learn such actions like, go, no, tell etc., that can happen in unsafe satiations. Students must understand safe and unsafe situations and environment and have to learn a range of protective strategies in dealing with unsafe situations.

The children must learn the bad effects of using cigarette smoking and use of alcohol and can learn about illegal use of drugs in their late school years. All these need to incorporate a drug education program that will help in decision making, stop in using of drugs, and will implement behavioral changes for Assignment Help Australia. The programs must cover all the student’s experiences and learning in different stages of life (Thomson and Dixon, 2008, pp 167).  These types of approaches will implement significant health benefits. This will delay or avoid an early experience with drug and may diminish future use of illegal drugs.

Nutrition and interpersonal relationship

The diet of a child is important in terms of overall health; a proper nutrition can prevent several disease conditions and other medical problems like, overweight, development of weak bones, and development of diabetes in future (Geiger and Salas-Lopez, 2010, pp 245). Nutritional education is an important part of this curriculum which will enable a child to learn the significance of health and assignment help towards healthy eating.  This curriculum provides resources to the teachers with information regarding nutrition, and ideas about how to teach about nutrition.  This covers information of:

  • Nutritional guidelines
  • Nutritional resources
  • Importance of nutritional education
  • Sample class room activities covering nutrition
  • The place of nutrition education in this curriculum

The interpersonal relationship is to develop an understanding the nature of relationships. The students must develop personal skills to develop positive and responsible relationships and must learn to use them and practice effectively in their future life. The first positive move is to stop bullying and to create a learning environment where all students and the school community members are safe. They are supported, respected, and valued and there will be no harassments, violence, discrimination and bullying. Attention should be given to build confidence in relationships that are positive and caring. The students are to understand the values and beliefs of their own and the others. They can read stories about tolerance and morals.

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Part B

The curriculum framed in early learning covers several aspects in relation to the child.

In respect to children states that children are capable of resourceful individuals and can participate in learning environment. The children will be provided with warm and caring environment that will guide individual needs. The children will be encouraged to develop more. The family is the primary influence in a child’s life, they are benefited from positive partnerships, the frame work provides the highest quality child care services to all the families. Thyeb staff bare motivated to provide the best quality care to the children. The staff members must understand that learning is lifelong and are related to professional development. All these will be in participation of community, work groups, educators and other social organizations.

The Early Years Learning Framework in PDHPE

The PDHPE is the key learning areas in the early years of learning frame work in the primary curriculum where children under five are taught. These implements in the overall development of a child,  or student that may help to build a responsible and healthy individual with moral values, dignity and respect for others (Wheeler and Grice, 2007, pp 278).  The curriculum or the syllabuses are changed into modules in terms of suggested learning experiences.  These are not just teaching units of Assignment Help Australia, but they covers a number of ideas and suggestions to start in school based unit of work which will help to attain specific syllabus out comes for each stage of schooling.  This curriculum covers the learning areas, the general capabilities, and the cross curriculum priorities. This also governs the quality of learning Assignment Help Australia, in terms of depth of understandings, and the skills described achievement standards.  This includes K-10 syllabus that contains the materials of schooling and phases of development from kindergarten to the age of 10.  The syllabus is divided into three parts like that of early child hood (K-3), middle child hood (K 4-7), and the learning areas in early adolescence (K 8-10).  While using these materials the teacher are to make professional judgment when to introduce depending on the student’s prior learning and achievement of the student.  The contents are mainly for a particular year and subject and all contents of that particular year and subject must be used.

The different modules are as follows:

Well being individuals This provides opportunities for the students to develop an understanding in managing theit physical, social, emotional, cultural and economic well being.  The students are to explore the relationship between these and their well being. The students will learn the skills of maintaining positive relationship and thereby maintain s their own well being.
Families This module helps in understanding the nature of families and its contribution in an individual’s well being.  The students may learn the value differences in family structures and the roles of the family members and how the families may be supported by the community.
Participating in groups This will help the students to develop and recognition of groups in the society. The students can explore what does it actually means to be a part of the group. They may able to develop personal skills and skills in communication and information technologies that may help them to participate in groups.
Specific groups in society The students may develop further in recognizing specific groups in society. The students may be able to recognize th4e characteristics of this group and there are opportunities  to explore one specific groups in terms of needs, characteristics and challenges.

Developmentally appropriate, child-focused PDHPE experiences

The fundamental movement skills in case of children under five are termed as the building blocks of movement that will help the child to stay physically active, participate in all types of games and sports.  This development of fundamental movement skills will help in ensuring   lifelong involvement in physical activity (Lloyd, 2010, pp pp 189).

Proficiency in this sector will help the children to explore the range of options that are available to maintain a active life style and stay healthy according to Assignment Help Australia. The children who are not developed in fundamental skills of movement may drop out from physical activities in later life. This will lead to lack of necessary skills and confidence in later life. The children who are active do have a better self esteem, socializing skills, and a more positive attitude performing physical activities and can have effect on the areas of education. It has been found that improvement in physical coordination helps in better reading and writing. Planning for the development of this skill needs to happen in the whole school life as well as class level. This depends on the physical development of the child and the prior learning experiences.

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