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Are you studying in an Australian nursing program? Although it is undoubtedly an exciting field to pursue a career in, it also requires students like you to understand every industry element thoroughly. In this regard, you must comprehend the fundamentals of safety and quality of medication administration as a nursing student for the convenience of the patients.

Medication errors can seriously affect hospitalized patients; thus, it’s crucial to observe and assess the quality of the medications to increase patient safety. To make their academic lives easier, students constantly seek out quick, excellent Safety and Quality Medication Administration Assignments Help while considering its complexities. For this reason, lecturers in Australian universities provide students with many assignments, so they may successfully understand the requirements and apply them to their future work. 

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  • Description of the safety and quality of medication administration
  • Safety and quality of medication administration’s FAQ
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Description of the safety and quality of medication administration

The key to effective medication administration is selecting the appropriate patient, medication, time, and dosage parameters. It is also frequently used as 5 R while administering medication. Practitioners, especially nurses, should be aware of such rights to provide excellent patient care. Most patients are highly concerned about pharmaceutical mistakes and careless nursing errors. As a result, the nurse’s work has been formalized in a stricter format known as drug administration.

More than fifteen different forms of medication errors, including incorrect dosage, incorrect medication, poor timing and frequency, and drug-related allergies, are highlighted by efficient medication administration. Therefore, most administration errors patients experience happen in the medical field because of nurses or doctors. Our assignment help proposes a great concept to improve the quality and safety in this field. It includes the ability to complete an order by clearly stating the drugs, dose, and frequency, the freedom to follow a set way and dose, and the freedom to research drug information.

While providing patient care, NMC (2008) advised nurses to follow five drug administration rights. The five proper steps involve identifying the patient and choosing the right medication, route, time, and dose to avoid any delivery errors. Eliot & Liu (2010) emphasize nine rights more than five, including the need for proper documentation, action, and drug management for better and safer medication administration.

Safe medicine administration is not something that happens; it takes a well-thought-out method and a clear strategy for maintaining it.

Additionally, the nurses should remove any disturbances of any type. Furthermore, they must verify the patient’s identity, go over the recommended dosage and frequency in the MAR, and assist the patients in improving the security and effectiveness of drug administration. You can successfully increase the safety and quality of medication administration by going through our assignment.

Safety and quality of medication administration’s FAQ

What are the recommended methods for administering medication? 

Medication is typically administered orally, but water is consumed to enable better effective absorption. 

However, there are some situations where oral delivery is not advisable; in these situations, the doctor may advise injections. Such substances function more quickly than oral delivery; however, they should only be used when necessary for quicker action. On the other hand, some medicines should not be consumed with tea. Therefore, the nurses must explain these matters to the patients and their implications.

How can the quality and safety of medication delivery be improved?

Examine the workplace to increase the effectiveness and safety of medication administration. Fix any problems, implement efficient medication safety systems, and educate patients and staff.

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