NURS1006 Case Study Assignment – Flinders University Australia.

Subject Code :- NURS1006 
Title :- Case Study
Assessment Type :- Assignment
Write an essay of around 2,500 words (+/-10%) that draws upon Steps 1 – 3 of the decision- making framework (McDonald & Then 2019) to explore and analyse the legal and ethical implications of the case study outlined below.
NURS1006 Case Study Assignment – Flinders University Australia.

NURS1006 Case Study Assignment - Flinders University Australia.

You are on placement in the children’s haematology oncology ward at the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide South Australia. During your placement you have enjoyed caring for a 15-year-old male called ‘Abdul’. Abdul is well-known to staff because he had previously been diagnosed with ar are malignant blood condition. He is well liked by staff, and he is considered mature for his age.Abdul is back in hospital after recent tests showed a re-emergence of his condition. Abdul attends the hospital with his parents and the paediatric oncologist has recommended a new treatment that has just become available. After meeting with the paediatric oncologist Abdul initiates a conversation with you while his parents are out. Abdul reports that his parents are refusing to let him receive the treatment saying the risks are too high. But Abdul says to you ‘I know the risks, I want to do this it’s my best chance of a cure’.

Apply the ethical decision-making framework to this case study (Steps 1-3 only).

References :
Your essay must have an introduction, body and a conclusion, and it must be referenced using APA style

You may choose to use headings derived from the decision-making framework (McDonald & Then,2019) to help you maintain a clear and structured argument. However this is not mandatory as the main focus is ensuring the essay structure and ideas are clear and logical.

NURS1006 Case Study Assignment – Flinders University Australia.

Academic papers are usually written in the third person, however some parts of this essay may require you to write in the first person (i.e. using ‘I’ and ‘me’). For example when you are discussing how you would respond to the situation Regardless of whether you are using first or third person it is
expected that you use formal/professional language and writing style.

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