NUR344 Infographic Assignment 2 – Australia.

Subject Code & Title :- NUR344 Infographic
Assessment Type :- Assignment 2
Assessment Two
Discussion Board Posts – Week 7 and 8
Unit Theme: Promotion and maintenance of health and well being and supporting the client to become independent in their own health care.
NUR344 Infographic Assignment 2 – Australia.

NUR344 Infographic Assignment 2 - Australia.

This Task has 2 parts:

1.Select a target group and choose a significant health care challenge facing this group.Create a health promotion Infographic that outlines your approach to promoting health and well being and supports independence in your target group.

2.Read and respond thoughtfully to the health promotion Infographic and original post of one peer who has researched a different topic to you.

Task Relevance:
As a 3rd year RN student you will be participating in care planning to address the health challenges facing your patients.This task is a simple introduction to considering cultural contexts and considerations by designing a culturally appropriate community health care Infographic that promotes and maintains health as well as promoting independence in your patients. You will also engage in discussion and reflection on alternative approaches by your peers. This will allow you to critically evaluate the way health information is delivered to the target audience.

NUR344 Discussion Board Assessment Rubric.pdf

The Health Promotion Infographic and the reply in your discussion Board Post accounts for 40% of your total mark for NUR344 and is due on the dates stated below:

Important! The submission point for the first part of your assessment (the Info graphic) will open 3 weeks prior to the due date of the original post on 1st May. Before this date the submission point will not allow you to submit your first post – the Health Promotion Infographic.

You may then respond to one of your peers any time from the opening of the submission point on the 11th April until the closing of the submission point on the

Part 1: Health Promotion Infographic
Select one of the following target groups AND a significant health care challenge facing this group.

1. Indigenous Australians
2. A CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) group in Australia

Examples of significant health challenges could include diabetes Rheumatic heart disease Depression Chronic Kidney Disease etc. It is important that you choose a significant health disease that disproportionately effects your chosen target group. For instance there are some Indigenous minority populations living in high-income countries that continue to be disproportionately affected by Acute rheumatic fever (ARF) and rheumatic heart disease (RHD).

Your health promotion Infographic (Information Graphic) should identify a target group and a health challenge they experience. Your infographic should provide the reader with the following information:

1. An appropriate target group (Indigenous Australians OR CALD)
2. Provide information on a relevant health challenge that disproportionately effects the chosen target group.
3. Provide some practical health care advice tailored to your chosen group and your chosen health challenge.
4. Consider cultural context in your design and the information provided.
5. Promote and maintain health and independence.

Please note references for images and information in your infographic should be included on a separate page. Please do not include references within the infographic itself. Information used in your infographic needs to be supported by appropriate sources for instance any statements such “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are almost 3 times more likely to smoke compared to non-Indigenous Australians.” will require a reference.

An infographic is a representation of information in a graphic format designed to make information and data easily understandable at a glance. Infographics are used to quickly communicate a message to simplify the presentation of large amounts of data and to represent patterns and relationships. Your infographic will be marked on how successfully you are able to do this.

Save your infographic and attach it to a post in your Discussion Board. Once submitted your infographic can be viewed by your peers and in turn you can view their infographics. You will not be able to edit or delete your work once it has been saved and submitted in the discussion board.

1. Weighting: 25%
2. Word Limit: N/A
3. Compulsory Requirements: Attempt/Submission requirement students must attempt and submit this assessment item to pass the unit
4. Submission Method: Online via discussion board post
5. Assessment Criteria: See Rubric
6. Feedback Provided: Feedback will be provided within three weeks of submission
7. Opportunity to Reattempt: Students WILL NOT be given the opportunity to reattempt this assessment. First attempt is final.

Part 2: Peer Response
Respond to the original health promotion Info graphic of one peer who has researched a different target group health challenge to your own.

NUR344 Infographic Assignment 2 – Australia.

Core Components of peer response:
Your response must be 300-500 words long (excluding references).

It must be supported by at least 3 relevant scholarly resources listed in CDU APA 7th edition format and incorporated in-text appropriately.

Consider all aspects of the health promotion Infographic and reflect on your understanding and feelings around the information to guide your response. Your reply to your peer’s infographic should:

i. Describe your own understanding of the topic and chosen group based on your readings and/or experiences.
ii. Share any insight which you may have on your peer’s discussion topic and target group from your own experience and/or reading.
iii. Discuss how/if the health promotion Infographic is engaging – consider its illustrations and format – and what design elements in the poster where successful.
iv. Discuss how/if the content contained enough detail to convey the salient issues of the health topic.
v. Address any/all questions that your peer may have raised in their post.

NUR344 Infographic Assignment 2 – Australia.

1. Respond to a post that you find interesting, this will really help you to deliver a quality engaged response.
2. Remember to respectfully acknowledge your peer at the beginning of your post.
3. Comment on the posts with respect and constructive criticism only.
4. Use polite professional language in your posts, but remember that this is a discussion and not an essay.

1. Weighting: 15%
2. Word Limit: 300 to 500 words (excluding references)
3. Compulsory Requirements: Attempt/Submission requirement students must attempt and submit this assessment item to pass the unit

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