NUR3101 Presentation Primary Health Care Assignment 2 – Australia.

Course :- NUR3101 Primary Health Care in a Global Context
Assessment name : Presentation
Brief task description : This assignment requires you to develop a 10-minute PowerPoint PPT voice recorded presentation
Length : 10 minutes (for 10 PowerPoint slides- approximately 1 minute/slide)
Marks out of: 80 marks
40% (of overall grade)
Course Objectives measured :- Course learning outcomes: 2,3,4
NUR3101 Presentation Primary Health Care Assignment 2 – Australia.

NUR3101 Presentation Primary Health Care Assignment 2 - Australia.

Rationale /Graduate Attributes :-
This assessment enables students to work towards developing the following graduate attributes:

• Well-informed individuals with discipline-specific expertise and industry knowledge relevant to their profession or area of study

• Critical creative thinkers who can integrate and apply knowledge and relevant skills including research and digital literacy skills to analyse and evaluate ideas concepts theories and problems and offer insights innovative approaches and solutions

• Effective communicators and collaborators who actively and respectfully lead,
listen, reflect, discuss and negotiate in order to work productively with a range of
individuals and groups, including professional teams;

• Ethical engaged professionals and citizens who engage in non- discriminatory safe practices and consider the local global social economic legal and environmental influences on and impact of their attitudes and actions;

• Culturally capable individuals who are self-aware and sensitive to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledges and perspectives equitable and respectful of diversity and multiculturalism, and can apply these capabilities in their professional practice

Task detail :-
Health literacy discussion
Health literacy is about how people understand information about health and health care and how they apply that information to their lives use it to make decisions and act on it Health literacy is important because it shapes people’s health and the safety and quality of health care (WHO).

As an interdisciplinary team member you will develop a health education literacy plan audio PowerPoint to present to colleagues of the primary healthcare team.

This is an education package to inform staff of the current status of the global health concern within their community.

NUR3101 Presentation Primary Health Care Assignment 2 – Australia.

NUR3101 Presentation Primary Health Care Assignment 2 - Australia.

• Identify a global health concern and the country/ region of concern.
• Identify the appropriate Sustainable Development Goal and its relevance to the global health concern. Sustainable Development Goals may be retrieved from:
• Provide an overview of the global health concern to primary healthcare within the country identified supported by literature.
• Provide epidemiological data from relevant contemporary literature.
• Provide an overview of signs and symptoms, risk factors, treatment and prevention if applicable to the global health concern.
• Provide a prevention plan (based on current literature) that has been or is currently utilised to manage the global health concern.
• Address any issues relating to equity and social justice for the chosen country and the community.

Writing Style :-
This Power Point should be written using scholarly convention and writing including references for all images used.

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