ICT203 Web Application Development Assignment – Australia.

Unit code/name : ICT 203 Web Application Development
Exam duration : Students will submit a 5-minute video to show case their web page. Video must show the following:
1.Your resume page
2.Code walk-thorough
3.Explain how each of the requirements is met.
ICT203 Web Application Development Assignment – Australia.

ICT203 Web Application Development Assignment - Australia.

General Instruction for students :- Students will have to submit a 5-minute video to show case their web page and show the underlying HTML CSS and JavaScript. Students are also required to submit the.HTML file named as <Student_Name>.html.

For example If your name is Ganesh your file should be named as Ganesh.html. Include your additional files such as pictures JS script CSS files in the same folder which contains your .HTML file. Submit the folder as a zip file.You will submit 2 things
1.zipped folder containing all files
2.5-minute video

Design and Build your resume page.

Requirements :-
1.You resume page should have a title that shows in the browser page as:
<First Name> <Last Name> – Resume
2.Your resume page should have your picture.
3.Resume page should have 3 sections:
Extra-curricular activities

4.Each section defined above should have a header tag and at least 1 paragraph tag

5.Create a navigation bar at the top of the page which connects to the different sections of your html page.

6.There should at least 1 HTML Table in one of the 3 sections

7.There should be at least 1 list in one of the 3 sections

8.The look of your HTML page should be controlled by at least 1 css file.

9.CSS file should refer to at least 3 individual HTML tags

10.CSS file should set at least 3 properties of each HTML tag.

11.There you should be at least 3 Java Script functions in your page Java Script can be used for any of the effects or function we have discussed in class. Use your imagination

12.At least 1 of the JavaScript function should use the DOM object and manipulate it

13.At the bottom of the page create a contact me link which should open mail client when clicked and there should also be another link that when clicked should try to invoke the caller on your mobile ok if this does work

14. The links in your document should change color when you hover over them (use csspseudo classes)

15. Use JQuery in at least 3 places to access the DOM object and then manipulate the DOM object. optional

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