HSNS273 Nursing Assignment – Australia

Subject Code & Title :- HSNS273 Nursing
Must Complete: Yes
Weighting: 30%
Assessment Notes: Written Assessment
No. Words: 1000 words
Relates to Learning Outcomes 1, 2
HSNS273 Nursing Assignment – Australia

HSNS273 Nursing Assignment - Australia

Read the case study below and discuss the pathophysiology of the condition. You must use academic writing and reference your work using APA 7th edition referencing. Please do not use bullet points use well-structured paragraphs ensure you have edited the text and read it again to avoid spell and grammar mistakes before your final submission.

HSNS273 Nursing Assignment – Australia

Case Study
Mr XXX an Ezidi male. He was brought in by paramedics after a motor vehicle accident (MVA). He does not speak any English and has recently settled with his family in the town He suffered a compound fracture of the right radius and ulnar He has a lacerated the left temporal area. He has a seat belt mark along his left shoulder neck and chest.Through an interpreter no known allergies and he has significant pain 9 out of 10 despite intravenous morphine given by the paramedic on site.
His observations are as follows:

Discuss the following in relation to the selected case:
• Outline assessments used to manage the patient
• Discuss pharmacological management of the condition
• Provide three example of complementary therapies that can be used for this patient.

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