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Description of Geosophy

Geosophy is the combination of two Greek words, i.e. ‘geo’ and ‘Sophia,’ the word ‘geo’ suggests the earth and ‘Sophia’ means wisdom. In 1947, it was introduced by J. K. Wright. Geography focuses on the study of the imaginary world. It is the worldview about the environment and the human system. The secrets of mother earth are another well-known aspect of geosophy. It deals with the distinctive expression of geographical abilities and is a crucial component of geography.

The discipline of geography was the first to introduce the concept of researching the imaginary world. The fundamentals of geography, such as its origin and development, are covered in geosophy. On the other hand, Geosophy incorporates the individual’s ideas from a geographical perspective and extends beyond the scientific knowledge of geography. It also considers how perception and behavioral geography later develop.

It is a relatively new geographic field founded about a century ago. The significant elements of geography and philosophy are covered by geosophy. Regarding ideological and geopolitical circumstances, the subject underwent internal and exterior transformations. Scholars currently use various non-classical geosophical methods, and their excitement and enthusiasm for the field are growing.

Every area of geography uses geosophy, one of the fundamental concepts in geography. Both classical and non-classical geography cannot compare to it. Geiosophy is founded on the connection between the research object and the subject. Geosophy is followed by some significant developments in meta-theoretical provisions and their scientific applications.

It provides the developments with the theoretical and methodological foundation of science. The lookout for potential One of the basic ideas of geosophy is the ability to merge landscape concepts. That is the cause; it also goes by the name of modern geography.

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