CULT2005 Poster Assignment 2 Ethics In The Social Sciences – Australia

Subject Code : CULT2005
Title :- Poster Ethics In The Social Sciences
Word limit: 500 words (+/- 10%)
Weighting: 20%
CULT2005 Poster Assignment 2 Ethics In The Social Sciences – Australia

CULT2005 Poster Assignment 2 Ethics In The Social Sciences - Australia

Assignment overview :
You are required to identify a common practitioner-based ethical dilemma within your chosen profession. This task requires you to use a combination of text and images to outline the issue and instruct viewers on the most appropriate response using the relevant professional codes of ethics.

This assignment supports Subject Learning Outcomes 1 and 2.

Assignment details
Work your way through the following steps to meet the requirements of this assignment:

Step 1: Find an ethical dilemma
Locate an ethical dilemma that is commonly identified within a social human services criminal justice or health profession Begin by choosing a particular profession that interests you and that you are considering as a future career option.

Use the Additional reference materials to help with this process some of these resources focus on ethical dilemmas in policing social work tourism urban planning humanitarian development psychology correctional practice criminological research and cyber.

Within these resources choose an ethical issue that draws your attention You may also opt to base your poster on a particular case study within the chosen resource(s).

Step 2: Research the profession and the dilemma
Research the professional codes of conduct ethics and/or practice that relate to this profession and to the dilemma. Consider particular clauses and sections that provide insights into the expected response to the dilemma. Some questions you may consider in your response:

What is the core issue and the best response?
Who is responsible for its implementation?
Why is this clause the most appropriate?
How should it be implemented?

Remember to be succinct and direct in your writing; you want to get the message across to the viewer as clearly as possible.

Step 3: Design your poster
Design your poster using Microsoft Word or PowerPoint (you need to use one of these tools as Turnitin needs to receive the document). Make sure you format the poster with clarity and to ensure ease of viewing and interpretation to assist you with this part of the assignment see Assignment Support: Poster design.

Consider who the intended audience is it is expected that this poster would provide information to other practitioners on the use of professional codes to address the dilemma and how best to present the information.

The layout should include text diagrams charts and images, and should be properly referenced and appropriately structured. It is expected that you will engage with a range of academic resources and the relevant code of ethics.

Note: the reference list is not included in the word count.

Assignment tip
View the marking guide under ‘Assignment criteria’ to see a detailed breakdown of how your work will be assessed. This is an excellent place to start your preparations for this assignment.

Refer back to the marking guide frequently to make sure you are meeting the requirements.

CULT2005 Poster Assignment 2 Ethics In The Social Sciences – Australia

CULT2005 Poster Assignment 2 Ethics In The Social Sciences - Australia

Submission details overview :
This assignment will be submitted through Canvas. When you are ready to submit your assignment, select the ‘Start Assignment’ button at the top of this page. You will be taken to the ‘File Upload’ tab where you can choose your file or submit your URL.

Please note: When you submit your assignment through Canvas, you are also submitting the assignment through Turnitin which is a text-matching service that compares your work with an international database of information sources. You will need to agree to using it.

Once you have submitted your assignment, select ‘Submission Details’ on the right of your screen to view your originality report if you haven’t already done so.

Please allow a 24-hour turnaround for an originality report to be generated.

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