BUSM7027 Employment Relations Professional Practice Assignment 1 – Australia

Subject Code :- BUSM7027
Title :- Employment Relations Professional Practice
Assessment Type :- Assignment 1
The purpose of the report is to convey information in a structured style that includes headings and specific sections including an Executive Summary Background Recommendations Conclusion and References using the Harvard Western Sydney University style.
BUSM7027 Employment Relations Professional Practice Assignment 1 – Australia.

BUSM7027 Employment Relations Professional Practice Assignment 1 - Australia.

Remember the audience of a report is a person with discipline specific knowledge who has the
authority to consider and implement recommendations and grounded in credible and well-presented argued evidence.

You may take creative liberty with the details of the organisation size strategic vision etc.How ever you need to be practical and pragmatic with what you propose. You may use appendices to support your report.

The report should be 1000 words (+ or – 10%) using Times New Roman or Calibiri as the font style for matting etc as long as it is appropriate in a business context. This means you will need a table of contents. All sources must be acknowledged using Harvard referencing. Individual reports due via Turnitin.

Instructions :-

1.Your task :-
You are a consultant and you have just concluded your first meeting with the CEO of large and highly respected Australian organization that is also listed on the Australian Stock Exchange ASX. You come away from this meeting impressed with this CEO who is articulate knowledgeable and a passionate advocate of social justice principles. The CEO is part of a network of both Australia and international CEO s who manage very diverse work forces.

The members of this network are very determined that they needed to somehow halt the current trend that appears to be weakening the principle of equality in favour of equity. As the CEO remarked during the meeting equality is enshrined in legislation (for example there are various pieces of legislation at both state and federal level in Australia. This CEOs concern together with others in that network is that increasing the use of equity diverts attention from regulatory and governance issues and undermines efforts to end inequalities. There are no equity laws.

All governance structures that currently exist refer to equality not equity. Equity arguments emanate from ethics and justice Equality literature for example draws on diversity and connects with disadvantaged communities and social movements regulation governance and laws against discrimination. Both concepts are used inter changeably. You know from your own grasp of current affairs how the pandemic has revealed many instances of in equality. On behalf of the network this CEO has tasked you with preparing a report that investigates this issue and to make recommendations that would strengthen equality diversity inclusion initiatives such as through changes at institutional level removal of systemic barriers) as well as training that is co-designed.

In other words move away from corporate window dressing. You need to keep in mind that a one size fits all approach is not the ideal approach given that there are differences across local and international organizations.Your proposed model together with practical recommendations should be derived from your under standing of this Australian based organization.

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