BUSM4590 Major People And Organisations Report Assignment 3 – AU

Subject Code & Title :- BUSM4590 Major People And Organisations
Assessment type: Report
Word limit: 3,000 (+/– 10%)
Weighting: 50%
Overview : This assessment evaluates your capacity to demonstrate that you can use theory based under standings to design practical solutions.
BUSM4590 Major People And Organisations Report Assignment 3 – AU

BUSM4590 Major People And Organisations Report Assignment 3 - AU

Course learning outcomes
This assessment is relevant to the following course learning outcomes:
CLO1 Demonstrate an advanced and integrated understanding of the influence of employees and teams in the context of organizational performance
CLO2 Critically analyse and synthesise theoretical and practical examples of contemporary organisational behaviour issues and practices
CLO3 Critically analyse, synthesize, and apply theoretical knowledge and perspectives to develop practical solutions for managing people in organizations
CLO4 Plan, communicate and advocate strategic solutions relevant to stakeholders involving key aspects of HRM, such as negotiation, conflict management, corporate social responsibility and cross-cultural team building.

Assessment details
Critically analyse the following seven (7) questions. You will select relevant theories and workplace examples (note: students are strongly encouraged to use their own workplace experiences and examples) to provide a set of logical well-supported (by the academic literature) recommendations:

1. Toegel and Barsoux (2016) distinguish good and bad conflict and outline five conversations to diminish conflict.Discuss examples of good and bad conflict within an organisation and how you as an HR manager would facilitate these conversations.

2. Tush man et al. 2011 espouse several leadership principles to manage organisational tensions.
Describe these principles citing examples where possible and how you as an HR professional would support these principles in your organisation.

3. In negotiation mapping out the negotiation space is considered as important as the outcome. Discuss the importance of the process of negotiation as distinct from the outcome in your answer describing the difference between distributive and integrative negotiation and citing examples where necessary.

4.There are several theories regarding motivating employees which can be divided into two classes process theories and content theories. Outline how you would motivate employees using both types of theory, with examples.

5.Quinn et al. 2007 identify several barriers to effective communication. Discuss these barriers in the organisational context and how you as an HR manager would facilitate effective communication with in your organisation.

6.As an HR manager you will be required to up hold and maintain an ethical culture with in your organisation. Discuss the ways you would promote an ethical culture within your organisation citing examples where possible.

7.Walter Lipp man stated when all think alike, then no one is thinking and this condition is commonly referred to as group think where consensus is prized above all else to the detriment of the organisation. Diversity of opinion can lead to conflict so how would you manage conflicting view points with out the organisation falling into group think?

BUSM4590 Major People And Organisations Report Assignment 3 – AU

BUSM4590 Major People And Organisations Report Assignment 3 - AU

Word limit : The word count excludes the cover sheet title page table of contents executive summary appendices and reference list.

Presentation requirements
This assessment requires use of the Harvard Referencing System. Please consult the Guidelines for Referencing and Presentation in Written Reports and Essays published by the College of Business. You can access this online and from the Library.

You must use core references from the reading list and your own references from research. These can include: academic refereed journals and non-academic sources quality news media trade industry journals. A minimum of eight 8 external references are required in addition to references from the reading list.

It is recommended that you address each question individually.

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